Wasam Technology Embraces 5G and Connects to the New Era


 2019 is known as the first commercial year of 5G communication network in the industry. With the application of 5G,dozens of IoT segments such as mobile phones, wearable devices, VR/AR, robots, Internet of Vehicles, medical health, and smart homes will usher in a spurt of development.Wasam Technology starts to deploy 5G mobile communication with its partner UNISOC.

Wasam Technology Embraces 5G and Connects to the New Era 

5G network is the innovation of speed and strength

The 5G network is the fifth generation mobile communication network, and its theoretical transmission speed can reach several tens of Gb per second, which is hundreds of times faster than the transmission speed of 4G networks.For example, a 1G super-high quality movie can be downloaded in less than 3 seconds, and the 5G delay is less than 1 millisecond, which is 100 times faster than the 4G networks which is delay of 100 milliseconds.

It can be foreseen that 5G will be promote the rapid development in the following   three major scenarios:

Enhance mobile broadband: Make high-traffic services such as VR, ultra-high-definition video, and wireless broadband possible or better.

Ultra-reliable low-latency communication: low-latency, high-reliability connection services that meet the needs of driverless, industrial automation, etc.

Large connectivity Internet of Things: It can carry large-scale, high-density IoT services, supporting 1 million device connections per square kilometer.

Wasam Technology Embraces 5G and Connects to the New Era

Recently, UNISOC, the long-term core partner of Wasam Technology, released the 5G communication technology platform, Makalu, and its first 5G baseband chip, the Wisteria 510, at the 2019 World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC).This marks UNISOC enter the first echelon of the global 5G . Wasam Technology will work together with UNISOC to develop the first batch of 5G mobile phones, bringing 5G connectivity experience to consumers around the world and promoting the popularization of 5G products.

Wasam Technology Embraces 5G and Connects to the New Era

Based on this, Wasam Technology's 5G network intelligent hardware will rely on its own powerful technology to bring comprehensive application innovation for the popularization, industry customization, and the Internet of Things field.

Promote the popularization of 5G products: Combining the rapid development speed of Wasam Technology, with its strong supply chain system and the rapid delivery capability of its own factories, the cost of 5G mobile phones can be popularized and quickly introduced to the market, and the popularity of 5G mobile phones will be promoted.

Industry deep customization service: Provide customized 5G mobile phone terminal and mobile phone software for military, party and government administration, police, education and so on.

IoT field innovation: new multi-modal AI intelligent Internet of Things products developed by Wasam, such as AI intelligent voice robot, AI smart speaker, children's smart watch, smart bracelet, home smart lock, AI voice proofreading system, AI intelligent translation terminal Products such as wireless alarms and mobile service terminals are added to the 5G communication module to innovate in functions and interactive experiences.

Wasam Technology Embraces 5G and Connects to the New Era 

The 5G era will not only bring changes to the mobile phone industry, but will also bring huge changes to users' usage habits. For the upcoming 5G era, Wasam will also lay out in advance to build a 5G smart experience for consumers through the ecological layout of smart terminals and mobile internet products. 5G technology is bound to bring huge development opportunities for Wasam Technology's breakthrough in the field of intelligent hardware, and Wasam Technology will also usher in a new round of explosive growth.

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